05/20/08: We didn’t get home to Chicago until around 10:00 on Saturday night. But Major [a/a/a no collar black male] did great the rest of the car ride..No accidents in the car and no more car sickness. He slept next to the bed outside of his crate like such a good boy all night. I got up at 4 and let him out and we came back in went to bed for another few hours. Sunday we introduced him to his cousin Lola and friend Sunny. Lola ( Spanish water dog) was a pretty aggressive with him in their initial meeting..growling, acting very dominant, but after a slow introduction they were buddies in no time and played for the next hour. He was wiped out after that so we went home, all three of us took a long nap, we woke up, walked over to our friends house, so Major could meet his other friend Sunny (a pug), and Sunny and him got along great, Sunny was in love…and unfortunately I had to keep a close eye because Sunny was trying to hump Major every now and then..(GROSS!!) so anyway he did great though meeting his new friends and family, both humans and dogs…


Sunday night he was up a lot through the night, and I was trying to watch him like a hawk to make sure he didn’t mess in the bedroom. I was using the weekend to slowly introduce him to his crate, we have been feeding him in it, and he has been eating really good with the Chicken Soup mixed in, I am going to stop by and get some more of that tonight. He is trying to chew everything and he has got such sharp little teeth so we are going to stop by and get more bones and what not for him to chew. Yesterday I ended up having to go to work in the morning, so he got a couple hours in his crate, and I snuck back in the house and he wasn’t crying or anything, just quiet playing in his crate with no accidents.. so at night we don’t force him to sleep in the crate we just leave the door open and he usually spends half the night in the crate the other half on the floor.


So yesterday I got in a little car accident, not a big deal, still drivable, just scratched the passenger side back door, so he got to spend the rest of the day with me running around to the insurance, filing police report all that good stuff . . . one of those errands was, we took him to the vet. They just loved him there..he was such a good boy. I can’t remember what the name of the vaccine he got was, but he only got one and it was in his nose. He did really good and the vet gave him some beef and beef gravy baby food, man did he LOVE IT!! He was like a little addict! Ha hah.. which I was very happy to see, because the two kinds of treat I got for him, he could do without. So after he goes pee and poo outside


we have been just praising him cos he could care less about the treat he gets after the fact! So tonight I am going to stop by and try a new treat brand and maybe get some of the baby food!


He’s been such a good boy, just need to get some new chew toys to wear down those sharp lil' toofers! The only thing I am going to have work with him is his barking at other dogs (not all the time, probably around 1 in 5) because he will bark like a lil' tough man and some dogs that are submissive get freaked out, others will bark back all crazy. I’m not sure how to correct that, but he is so young that he just wants play and attention..any ideas?


It’s been tough not letting him on the furniture at this size cos he can be such a lover. That we love cuddling with him. He is such a good boy the way he will sleep at our feet. He was so tired most of the day yesterday (he was up more in the night on Saturday) he was just beat. He is doing great and he really has stopped whining almost completely, except now he whines for our attention or that he wants to get in the bed…stuff like that. He is such a good boy though. I miss him so much already even this morning (had to come in to work today . . . Thanks again, Amy, for everything! We love our little man . . . It was so nice to meet you. we love our little man, we are having a lot of fun with him. PS: oh yeah, he has been walking on his leash and wearing his collar really good. ~ Leslie (Illinois, USA)


06/02/08: . . . Major is growing so much, we can get him to sit on the scale but he is getting so much bigger and his ears are trying to stand all the way!!! Isn't that crazy that it's already happening?!! Beau and I were thinking of changing his name to Monster Man from Major Man! LOL!! because he is such a riot, he is so playful...we love it! and he is still fearless except for the stairs at our place, he will go up them but won't go down and let me tell you, he better get over that in a week or two cos before long he will be too much to lug down! Our neighbors get a kick out of me carrying this huge pup down the backstairs to our backyard...they all tell me he knows what he's doing!! hahaha...but thank god, he goes up, cos that would be much worse!


. . . We have been teaching him to fetch. He is going pretty good with it which we were very excited about! The funniest thing though when we went to my parents for the weekend, first of all- all three dogs were hilarious!! and I forgot my camera . . . so I wasn't able to get any pics (soooo mad at myself) but they were too funny, and Major did great with the other dogs and they just loved him, especially Mika the German Shepherd. But my parents have a pond in their yard and one of the corners of it had some algae and Major just went running across it like it was land...(my Dad was out watching him and our pond is at least below 50 degrees and about 4-5 feet deep in the part that Major fell into, my dad said he was praying, please let that dog swim.. I do not want to have to get in there...but alas, he did, I guess it wasn't pretty but he made it! Before the weekend was over, he tumbled in one more time but was hardly affected. ..Beau and I felt awful having to bring him back to the city because he just loved it there, but man was he pooped! He slept for the next two days! Even while we were at my parents, the other dogs would come up and try to get him to play, but he was just like no thanks, I'm beat.


We are taking him to the vet either this week or next for another vaccine..but he is doing really great.. Beau and I have decided to move close to the lake, so we could be there for summer and with Major we are moving next weekend, and we are so excited because we are going to be a 3 minute walk from the lake and the beach, the running and bike paths, [the] park, we are so excited . . . right now we would have to drive and pay for parking and all that, it's going to be so nice having right out our front door!


Again tho-we couldn't be happier with Major, he is such a sweet pea, we have a blast with him. He is so great with meeting people and very friendly with other dogs, he hasn't been doing the barking thing at dogs anymore if they aren't paying attention to him...everyone just loves him. So far we have only had one lady guess that he was a black german shepherd, which obviously isn't exactly right, but close! Now that his ears are trying to stand up, people ask if he is a chow-shepherd mix cos of his coat, but Beau took him down to a little festival last night that was going on to get us some food . . . and Beau said he couldn't make it three feet without people stopping him to adore the Major Man . . .


. . . we just love our little guy and can't believe how big he is getting, I will try to get his weight next week major1when get all moved in because I'm going to buy to a new scale then...otherwise this week we should be going back to the doc for another vaccine. ~ Leslie


06/03/08: Major the Monster Man- or just little Monster is what we like to call him. He has been so much fun, Beau and I are having a blast with him. He goes everywhere with us, he slows us down a lot major3with all the people who want to adore him, but we are dealing with it. He isn’t afraid of anything!! Which is exactly what we needed for our lifestyle. In the short two weeks that he has been with us he has traveled to the Kickapoo Valley and Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, met all his cousins, family and friends, been to festivals in the city and an Avon Walk ceremony where there were over 5,000.


We’ve been going for lots of walks and I have been waiting for something to scare him, but Harleys drove by, ambulances, you name it, we have crossed in the city of Chicago and no fear! However, he does still have to tackle our 3 flight stairs from our back deck. He will go up them thankfully, but down is still a bit scary. My neighbors get a big kick out of me lugging this big pup major2down the stairs! Haha.. We are in love with our little monster man, he has got such a good little heart, we never have to worry about him with meeting new dogs, kids or people, he is just so friendly.


In a couple weeks we will be starting our first obedience course, I will let you know how it goes. He is already fetching really well. I’m sure he is going to do great! He has been doing awesome with his crate training, and we even have one of those canvas kennels and he hasn’t been chewing on it or anything. And as far as him riding in the car, he goes everywhere. Every day, he and I go downtown to pick up “Dad” and he just can’t wait for him to get in the car. He hasn’t gotten carsick or had an accident once, and we’ve gone for some long hauls back to WI. He has never made on accident in his kennel either. Crate training is the way to go!


. . . I couldn’t believe his ears are already starting to stand up!! Isn’t it really young for that to happen..he is just so cute with the oversized ears!! I love it!! ! ~ Leslie


06/12/08: . . . wanted to give you an update, Major’s poo was negative for everything, so no worries! . . . This morning I got up an hour early and Major and I went rollerblading up and down the lake path for a major100half hour, then we played in the water for about 15 minutes. He did really good. I’m trying take him for a walk/run or rollerblade every morning to wear him out before he has to get in his kennel. Most days I get to stop in for lunch and take him for a mini walk, and then of course exercise at night. I think the exercising is really a key to a well behaved dog because he really is such a good boy. So many ppl comment on wow, he is really good for a puppy…


[I've attached] a couple pictures of us and the lake the other night. So nice to be a block away from all the parks and the lake! We love it. The one pic we are carrying him over the sand so we can try to keep him “somewhat” clean.. won’t be long before we won’t be able to do that! Oh yeh - we took him to the vet on Tuesday and we saw a German Shepherd there a month older than Major and his ears were completely downed…the owner was so bummed that Major was a month younger and his ears were almost completely up. He’s got one ear that’s a little lazier than the other..) ~ Leslie




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