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07/15/08: Major Man is doing great! He can sit, down and stay like a champ. He is fetching so well. We have gotten him to fetch in water and jump off the pier at Lake Geneva. We have been having a blast, and everyone is still stopping us all the time to tell us what an impressive looking dog we have. I swear we are going to have the most socialized dog . . . [I have attached] pictures from our latest venture and new favorite hang out. The Montrose Avenue Dog Beach. We had a blast, Major was hilarious, he was on patrol trying to take everything in, all the people and dogs. But he loves to play fetch and swim. He is definitely not aggressive with other dogs, Beau and I are thinking we need to get him to toughen up a bit! . . . well I could write a novel, but things are great, and Major will be finishing up puppy class in a couple weeks and we will be onto the next regular dog obedience class. ~ Leslie




07/21/08: Major is doing great! He is the fetch master! Lol! He loves the water, we are so lucky to have the dog beach so close to our place. When I get off work in an hour, we will be heading there tonight! I’m one of the few ppl who gets in and actually swims out there though! Haha.. he is always on patrol though, its hilarious, me and Beau are always making fun of him.."Geez, Major, you could have a little fun…lol!" ~ Leslie


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