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07/25/08: Just a note to update you on Payton, we weighed him yesterday (23 Jul) and he's now 50lbs! He's doing just great and will be starting training in August although he can Come, Sit, and Stay already. We took him and Piper to the lake yesterday and here are some pics. As you can see his ears are standing up perfectly, he's becoming longer and taller everyday and he's got such a great personality. He, like the other dogs, is missing Baby but most of his time is taken up with playing with Piper and running around in the yard, currently his favorite game is "I have a twig - chase me!!". Here are some recent pics for you. ~ Barb and Rudy




08/16/08: Payton goes everywhere (as he has a vicious appetite for magazines and loves to shred them, doesn't touch anything else!) Anyway, Rudy weighed him and he's 61 lbs as of 15 Aug and stands approx 21 inches though getting him to stand still long enough is an adventure! We'll take more photos and send you some soon. Great news on the hips, we'll get Payton done when he's older. ~ Barb and Rudy


04/01/10: PennHip results: L .53 R .61


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