05/23/08: I just wanted to take a couple minutes before I start my work weekend to let you know that the pup is doing great. We had her vet-checked yesterday and she was 13 lbs, and very healthy. You are right she does have a sweet temperament, and adapts easily to new things. There is very little whining or crying as I expected. As long as she is with family, she is comfortable. My son, Derick tells me almost daily how over the top he is with her, and whenever he is not is school, you can find them together. We have had many of his friends come over to see his new pup. When she is in the car(going to the vet) she lays quietly, no car sickness, simply amazing! She is adventuresome, curious, and loves the outdoors. My grand daughter is almost 2 years old and they do well together(with supervision). We can't wait to start classes, and I loved reading about Tuco and how well he was doing and hope to accomplish the same. Take care for now, she is everything we hoped for, we are trying to expose her to as much as possible, but I will wait until vaccinations are completed to take her out much, okay, I am a little cautious. One problem, we can't agree on is a name as of yet....! ~ Renee (Iowa, USA)


06/03/08: Finally, Zelda is her name. Took a while, my son and I could not agree on anything, then the whole family wanted in on it! Zelda is sweet, but has personality too. I will try to send a pic soon, her ears are almost up already, just 10% left, and sometimes with certain expressions they are all the way up, I didn't expect that so soon, and due for her next vaccines this week. My son is dying to take her places, but I am nervous until she has all her vaccines, what do you think? I even have him hold her on his lap at the vets. I am probably over protective, to me its just caution. She sleeps in Derick's room every night, he is crazy about her and she sits most of the time on command, still learning words, but picks up on people quickly. We are happy, how can one not be in love with such an adorable soft fluff of a pup? ~ Renee


06/25/08: Zelda weighed in at 27 pound today, a little less than I expected, but was treated for round worms, so she may pick up some steam once they are whipped. Loves the water, she has her own kiddie pool right now. Quite a character, so maybe the change from Shelby to Zelda is much more fitting . . . ~ Renee & Derick


07/17/08: Zelda is doing great and weighed 32 lbs on July 17th. She has completed all her vaccinations now, and starts first official class in August. She is so smart and sweet, she already knows a few of the basics, like come, sit, out, no bite...loves the water, so we bought her a kiddy pool. We have had a lot of rain in this area as you may have heard, but luckily, we are not in a flood area. Follows Derick wherever he goes, which he loves. When he works on his car she lays right next to him, it really warms your heart to see. Loves to chew, as one would expect, but we try to keep up with those needs by providing a good variety of chew toys. She likes the ones that squeak the best. Her ears are still up and have been. Really likes to be with the family in general. I am trying to think of some bad habits, but can't really come up with one. I am terrible at getting good pictures, but will try to send a few soon. ~ Renee


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