Baron D.


05/10/08: Just thought I would send you some quick pics I have taken. He is a wonderful dog. I have been taking him to work with me and next week I need to take my camera to work. He is getting very spoiled there. People just want to carry him around, people come into my office take the leash and take him for a walk. I think he is actually going thru attention withdrawal this morning. I will send you more pics as I get them ~ Baron, Bruce, & Maria (Alberta, Canada)




06/11/08: Just a note to keep you updated. Last Saturday Baron got his shots at the vet. He is now 15.1 kg which is 33.2 lbs. The vet said to complement the breeder because the bite on Baron is perfect. The vet had also asked me to look into Schutzhund training. He feels Baron posses qualities of that type of dog. Apparently he studied it as part of his vet training.


Baron is growing and loving life. We started puppy class last night and he did so well. He is so anxious to work. He was the youngest in the class, the most behaved, and of course the biggest. Everyone was just amazed at him. People just gravitate to him.


We totally love him............thanks for the great addition to the family.


He is totally house broken as well. He refuses to go to the bathroom in his pen. Because we were going to litter train him like our boxer is, we built him a litter box but he waits until he is let out. He has held it for 10 hours. We have not tried him longer than that. Wow! ~ Maria


08/11/08: Our Baron is enjoying his life on the farm. We did 10 weeks of puppy classes and he did well. He is very good natured and but he is just so huge. Everyone in class looked forwarded to seeing him every week, just to see how much he had grown from the week before. He was in a puppy class that was all large breeds, but he was far larger than the rest. He has been consistently putting on about 3-5 lbs a week. I have not weighed in a couple weeks but he is probably between 60-70 lbs.


We did make the decision to get him neutered and did the Penn Hip as well. I was wondering if you got those results??? The heat some days is very hard on him, just like our Boxer. They get put into their kennels in the middle of the day, when we are home. We don't like leaving them out on hot days. They are very comfortable in the kennels, they are about 11 feet by 11 feet. The kennels are heated in the
winter, and nice and cool in the summer. We did manage to find a kiddy pool big enough for Baron, and he loves to walk thru that. He fetches and brings back the ball most of the time.


I will try and get busy and get some more pics to you. I know you want some at 6 months and that is around the corner. The only food I have been able to get him to eat is Royal Canin. I don't know if you are familiar with that brand. He seems to be doing very well on that. He gets lots of exercise. We are beginning to train him on the parameters of the farm and my husband does that by riding his motorbike around the farm. All three dogs tag along.


I cannot imagine a better place for Baron. We had an old neighbor drop over the other day and the first thing he said "Your dogs are always so happy". I guess I never really noticed that but he is so right. We are finally working some jealousy issues out with the Boxer, but she does not like change and she does like to share my husband with anyone or any dog. With having Baron around now, I have sure noticed the age in our other German Shepherd. She was the younger one when Duke was alive, now she looks older and looks like she would like to lay back a little.


Maybe in a year or so we would like to put our name into the hat to adopt a rescued King Shepherd.....But I would like to wait until Baron is 2. Three dogs are enough for now, but we would like to overlap because I think losing Duke has also been hard on our other Shepard because she is out all the time and she did miss her companion. So we don't want the same to happen to Baron. Our German is 9 years old.....we could be lucky and get another 4 years of her companionship...I guess I don't want to think that.


Baron is litter trained. We built him a litter box, in his kennel. Most times he holds it and waits until we get home, but if he does not want to wait he will pee in the litter. He rarely poops in it. He maybe has done it twice, but always in the litter box. He is very intelligent. We have to give him permission to leave his kennel and enter his kennel. The puppy classes worked out fantastic.We still would like to continue with Schutzhund training, but things are too hectic for us right now. But we work with him everyday so he pays attention to us. Take care and thanks again. ~ Maria


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