Baron W.


05/07/08: I just couldn’t wait to e-mail you and tell you how great things went this morning. First – let me say – WOW — he is so big....and so gorgeous — WOW! You weren’t kidding – he is a furry little guy. As soon as we pulled into the driveway – I ran inside to get scissors to cut open the crate ties so that we could introduce him to our front yard. He immediately cuddled with me – and then took two steps into the grass and went. He did so well. He was curious, energetic...and then checking back in every few minutes for some affection. He did great with our cat Shelter – who is a 17 pound 8year old chocolate point siamese. They are infinitely curious about each other – but no growls or claws.


After spending time out in the front yard – letting him run, stretch his legs, sniff....we came inside to explore. He was confident, curious. He double checks every once in a while to make sure we’re in the vicinity. Again – coming by for a little affection – then off again. We got him comfortable going inside – then back out to the front yard a few times – then we came back inside to rest....get a drink of water. After a little while – I noticed he wandered back to the front door – and peered out the side window. I got up – we went outside and he walked out to the grass and pooped.....amazing. After all that activity --- I knew he’d be napping soon. While he was still curious and wanting to keep exploring — we got out his bed and his pig ear....and sleep finally won over the excitement. As I’m sending this e-mail – he’s sleeping with his head on my leg. Since I’m off today – I’m going to see if I can get him in to the vet today which is just a few minutes from our house.


We are so happy to have him here. Spencer can’t wait to get home from school today....he won’t believe baron1how big he is. Keat took a ton of pictures this morning that I’m sure he’ll send to you later. He was very busy so it was hard to get a still shot — but I think we got some anyway! So far – all indications are that he’s a perfect dog...and he acts like he’s been part of our family forever. We’ll keep you posted...and we’ll eventually figure out his name.....we’re getting closer. ~ Lindsey (Missouri, USA)


05/13/08: [Here is a Picasa photo album] -- thought you’d like to see how Baron (aka No Collar Male) did in the first few minutes when we got him home last week. We are having a blast with him and he is really doing well. More photos to come...we took some great ones today . . . We took Baron to the Vet last Wed....they said he looked great — and everyone had to come in to see him...... More later ~ Lindsey


05/19/08: Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know “no collar male” --- now known as Baron is doing great. All the typical puppy stuff you would expect --- but we are having a great time with him. I am going to have to swing by the vet to get a current weight on him but he is definitely growing. He is eating well....does great at night. He slept in our bed with us the first few nights and did really well. We crate him during the day – and take turns coming home to take him out every 2.5 hours. Spencer gets home from school around 2:30 – so he takes care of him for the afternoon until we get home from work.


He loves going on walks. We are slowly getting him comfortable with the leash. But right now – in order to get him the long walk exercise that he needs – he just actually walks right behind me...stays with me – baron7doesn’t wander off and doesn’t go in front of me unless he is trying to tell me he’s tired and wants to sit for a minute. Definitely does not lack confidence...he is not shy at all. We have a couple of ledges and a big pool in our back yard...I have to watch him very closely – otherwise – he tries to follow the cat up on the ledge. Also – he doesn’t always watch where he’s going so he has accidentally stepped into the pool a couple of times and gotten his back end wet. I calmly helped him out – I don’t want him to panic about the pool. Didn’t seem to phase him one bit other than to shake the water off and keep chasing his ball, toy, the cat, a leaf....whatever catches his eye . . . ~ Lindsey


06/02/08: Our hostas are huge — makes this guy look small. He is anything but small. Some of these we took yesterday in our front yard. He was taking a little nap with me the other day too.....such a character . . . His official name — Amy’s Acres Baron von Berrin . . . we are having a blast with this little guy! I’ll try to take some pictures in our backyard today... ~ Lindsey



At the airport counter, I can't wait to see him!   First day at home.   Loves being outside.



He's just about to pounce.   One of his favorite activities in addition to biting, chewing, peeing & pooping.   We've already lost control . . .


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