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baronwcell06/24/08: 06/24/08: Ears are considering popping up.... Keat is in TX with my camera - so I had to take some pics with my cell phone....not great quality - but here is Baron. You can't tell from this picture - but his layer of fur underneath is pretty light/white. We take him to the vet today to for more shots, etc - so I'll get a chance to weigh him.


He is awesome. He starts his 3 week puppy training next I'll keep you posted. He is a blast.


Also . . . we are taking him to an ophthalmologist on Thurs for the thing on his eye. The vet wasn't sure what it hasn't grown, changed, etc - so we'll see and I'll let you know. ~ Lindsey


06/25/08: Well – he weighed in at 38 pounds – 2 days shy of 15 weeks. He checked out completely great (with the exception of this eye thing). It is a little brown raised spot– right on the edge of his iris – outer side. It literally looks like a dark brown spot –like the outside ring around his eye...but it is just raised. It literally looks like a little piece of dirt or something. It doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He doesn’t blink or rub his eye. The white part of his eye is a “little” red...but not bad – so it doesn’t look inflamed. The ophthalmologist appt is tomorrow morning at 9 – I’ll let you know when I get back where we are.


The vets LOVE him to pieces. They commended us as doing really well with a large dog...because they see so many families with large animals that wreak havoc and the families don’t know how to teach them and help them, so I felt good about that. Baron is great at laying down – lets them trim him nails – doesn’t bite or bark, calm. Of course – as soon as he is down – he is ready to check everyone out. He is definitely full of energy and curiosity. He responds well to all 3 of us.


So – just a couple of questions from the vet yesterday – so I’m looking for your advice:

  1. Do I want to have his hips x rayed? I told her that you wanted us to do PennHIP when he was old enough. So – she said – depending on the timing – they could PennHIP when they neuter him since he would be “out” anyway? She thought it was at about 2 years – but that she would check for sure....thoughts?
  2. His ears --- one has popped up – but flopped over the top of his head...the other still looks puppy. How long do I just “let them go” versus worrying about glue, etc....? I seem to remember our German Shepherd taking quite a while for everything to pop up --- his ears looked great in the end — but there were some days...ha. I just can’t remember really how long it took. I know every dog is different — but I just want to make sure I don’t wait too late to do something — because I don’t want him to have the east/west look or the comb over look if we can avoid it....


The photos don’t do him justice — I’ll send you some with our really good camera so you can see how pretty his coat is. He keeps getting lighter and lighter – especially underneath.


By the way – I can’t remember if I ever told you this — but I was on the other yahoo group — for several months – just reading and learning. Unfortunately – not so much about the breed – but about the breeders. We chose to call you. After speaking with you on the phone – we didn’t bother talking to anyone else. After meeting you and all your great animals face to face — we knew we made the right choice . . . .

So – as I hope you can tell – it seems that many of the Amy fans and beneficiaries of you and your puppies – are having a great time on the “other forum” [KSCI] sharing stories, pictures and truly getting help with lots of questions. ~ Thanks, Lindsey


07/04/08: [Picasa photo gallery] . . . getting big... ;) ~ Keat




08/15/08: We went to Ireland for 12 days – and when we came back Baron’s ears had popped up (mostly). His coat is really changing....getting that stripe down his back. He graduated from 3 weeks of puppy obedience/training class. Adam, his trainer – and the staff at Kennelwood couldn’t wait until Baron arrived each morning. The only issue that they had with him was that Baron would dump his water bowl over (or jump and play in it). He does love the water. He is loves to go onto the first step of our big pool....when I let him out in the morning – after doing his business – he takes a little morning dip and then he’s ready for breakfast.


He and our cat arebecoming buddies, although we’re still working on manners (hmmmm....) but they do like each other’s company. The cat is not afraid (I repeat NOT AFRAID)...but he does not like Baron slobber....


[Baron] has so much character! Spencer’s school starts next week – so his cross country training has started. Spencer and I take turns walking/running with Baron. He really does fantastic. We go early in the morning or late in the evening when it is cooler. As the weather starts to cool down – and he gets a bit bigger – I am going to start riding my bike with him. When I am at home or on weekends – he follows me everywhere I go - helping me get things done – and requesting an ear scratch or 12 in the process.


He is really doing well with all of his commands --- climb, sit, down, come. We have a dog park close by our house – so I plan to take him over there today for a walk. There aren’t a lot of people on our street – so I like to get him out around others — where he does great by the way. He still jumps up some — but is really doing great. We love him to pieces! ~ Lindsey


twocat08/25/08: Here are some 5 month photos of Baron --- ears finally coming up. He has found his favorite spot in our pool – he thinks this step was created just for him. He and our cat Shelter are chasing each other back and forth all the time. I am going to drop by the vet today to check his weight – but he is growing like a weed. He loves the weekends – where we are very busy – lots of work to do – so he loves being right there with us every step. He is awesome.... ~ Lindsey


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