05/05/08: Here are some pictures from this weekend. I can’t get over how quickly Nitro (Cilla/Polar 03/7 litter) and Kimba have bonded. They can’t get enough of each other. I have to say, we are very proud of how Nitro is behaving with her. I think this is just what Nitro needed. We’re seeing a side of him we have never seen before. I have no doubt this is going to work out. We had a really nice time visiting and were glad you got to see Nitro in person, finally! ~ Gina (Pennsylvania, USA)


kimba1 kimba3kimba2


kimba405/09/08: Well, here we go again! I’ll be sending you pictures of Kimba every week for a while so you can follow her growth. She weighed 13 pounds at 8 weeks. That was on our bathroom scale, so it’s not exact. She and Nitro became best friends instantly. Unfortunately for her that means she is usually soaking wet from him putting her head in his mouth constantly! I’ll hear this muffled crying and I’ll turn to see her entire head missing. I’ll yell at Nitro to let go, but then she goes right back for more. She has certainly taken a lot of stress off of me to keep him entertained and not chewing everything up.


Rick refers to [Nitro] as the gentle giant because he is really good with her. Even when her head is in his mouth, he doesn’t bite down. She is the complete opposite of Nitro as a puppy. I can hold her up to my face and cuddle with her without her biting me…what a relief. It’s very easy to fall in love with her. And we’re seeing a side of Nitro that we didn’t know existed—what a good big brother he is. ~ Gina


05/29/08: These pictures were taken of Kimba at 10 1/2 weeks old. Today, at 11 weeks, she weighs 22.5 pounds. I’m not sure how much Nitro weighs today. I’m going to ask Rick to take him somewhere to get him weighed. I think Nitro weighed around 28 pounds at 11 weeks. We’re not so fixated on her weight…I guess because she is a little girl.


She and Nitro are quite a pair. She’ll crawl up on his head and bite his ears…she tears him apart and he lets her! She will get nose-to-nose with him and bark & growl in his face and he just lays there and looks at her. And they constantly play “catch me if you can.” But if a person walks over to Kimba, she’ll roll on her back. I really think this was the best thing we could have done for Nitro. He’s in love!


Her ears go every which way. We never know which ear will be up, down, or laying over at anytime. That’s a big switch from Nitro. His ears went straight up and never looked back. She is a real baby doll. ~ Gina


kimba5 kimba6kimba7


06/11/08: Finally…her ears went up at 12 weeks! She is such a happy girl and she just loves human attention. I think Nitro better watch out when Kimba gets bigger. Someday she’s going to pay him back for all the torment he causes her (all in fun). She weighs about 25-26 pounds now. (Nitro was 32.4 at 12 weeks). One of her quirky habits is to knock all of the water out of the bowl with her front paws. She looks like she is digging for something. Needless to say, she makes quite a mess!




Nitro seems to be doing a little better. He has only thrown up once since he was at the vet. I think a big part of his problem was gulping down his water so fast after he ate. Now we wait a little bit before we give him water, and we don’t give him a whole bowl full at one time. He still eat grass almost daily, so I think he still doesn’t feel so good though. ~ Gina


08/20/08: Just wanted to let you know that at 5 months old, Kimba weighed in at 55 pounds. She is a little thing compared to Nitro at 5 months old, who then weighed a whopping 72 pounds!! She seems to be short and stocky compared to Nitro’s long and slender body. They still can’t get enough of each other. Life with Kimba has been a lot different than it was with Nitro as a puppy. She has never bitten once…yet. If you give her a mean look, she will lay down and roll on her back. Nitro was defiant in every way, where Kimba is just a good girl! But when it comes to her with Nitro, I think she is the boss of him…of course that’s because he loves her and lets her. He could snap her in half if he wanted to. I will be getting some pictures together for you soon.


Oh, I forgot that Kimba likes to dig. She dug a hole in our carpet in two places. One place she dug a hole down to the padding. The other place she dug through the carpet, padding and dug a hole in the plywood underneath. (Obviously we don’t put them in crates. We usually put them in the kitchen/dining room area but we put them in our bedroom that day because my aunt and cousin were visiting from Germany.) She also pulled up the tack strips and chewed them up. (PS: I was sorry to read about one of Kimba’s littermates getting run over by a car. I can’t imagine how hurt they feel. I hope the next time you hear about another pup’s passing, it will be of old age.) ~ Gina


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