05/06/08: Liberty is doing well. She is a little sweetie. She has slept in our older son Preston's, room both nights and is very content being right by him. I was so worried she was going to be crying all night for a while, but I think she is having way too much fun during the day that she is exhausted at night. I also think she really bonded with the boys (which is our intention) on the way home in the car. We purposely did not put her in the travel crate because we wanted the boys to take turns holding, comforting her and bonding with her after being taken from her family. I think it worked! She was a gem on the way home. We stopped half way home at our family lake house and she had a great time chasing Guinness. She also saw a lake for the first time and was not too interested yet even though Guinness was in it. He has not warmed up to her yet. I am hoping this will change as she gets bigger. Her vet appointment is tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. Oh, one more is so funny when we take her on Guinness' walk route she stays right by all of us (her new pack) and when she gets tired she sits down and one of us carries her. When she wants down, she'll bark and be on her way again. She is very vocal! :) She has also dropped off the boys at school and picks them up both days. She goes crazy with kisses when she sees them! ~ Kristen (Michigan, USA)


06/14/08: Liberty is doing very well. She seems to be growing by the minute and is so sweet. Everywhere we go people tell us how beautiful she is and cannot resist petting her. She loves car rides, and watching the boys' soccer and baseball games. She has become the baseball team's mascot! . . .


Liberty adores Guinness who really has not warmed up to her the way I would like him too yet. I see glimmers of hope though. He is starting to play a chase game with her and a tug of war game which she loves. On the other hand, my brother's dog, Earl, is Liberty's best buddy. He is a Weimeriner that has a heart of gold and when he comes over, which is at least a couple times a week, they play like crazy. Liberty even pins him down and wins a wrestling match with him! It is so funny to see her on top of him playing.


We go on daily walks and bring with us reward treats and water. She loves to drink half way through the walk and will let me know when she is thirsty! She knows how to sit and will do so immediately on command (very smart little girl). The potty training is almost there. A little bit of work is needed there. We have a bell by the door where she goes out and she remembers to do it sometimes and other times she forgets. She'll have it down soon though. She loves the cool tile in the house and will sit right on an air conditioning vent to cool her belly. ~ Kristin


07/12/08: Liberty is growing so fast! She is an absolute sweetheart. She loves our daily walks, playing in the lake and going for boat rides. We learned she is a great swimmer too when she accidentally fell in our pool. She handled it very well and was thrilled when she got out of the pool since she made it and was so refreshed!


She is so beautiful too. Everywhere we go with her, we have so many people stop to pet her and comment on how big she is going to be. They also always ask what her breed is. Her ears are now sticking straight up. They were a couple weeks ago too, then they went through a phase in which the the right ear flopped was so cute. Her coat is still very fluffy. I think she will cater Berrin's coat. She is incredibly friendly and very playful with other dogs and loves kids.


Ok, while I'm at it, I should probably brag about how smart she is too. She rings a bell by our doorwall when she needs to go outside to "do her business". We hooked a bell to a suction cup and placed it on the doorwall. Thanks for the super puppy! ~ Kristin




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