05/09/08: Lupin is doing really well. He has become extremely playful. He has so much fun that we have to sit down with him to remind him to I think he would prefer to just play the entire day! Our Brittany spaniel mix, Tarah, has really taken to Lupin and vice versa...they love to just lay next to other and paw at each cute. With our staff terrier, Odin, Lupin loves to play and Odin is afraid of hurting Lupin so just about every time Lupin approaches him Odin is very very careful and most of the time just backs up and does the play bow again. With our border collie mix, Guinness, Lupin loves to play...they are quite a pair. Since they are both puppies they have a ton of energy. Like just now the three boys told me they wanted to go outside and they just raced out there with Lupin doing his best to keep up! Lupin is such a character. He does this whine/howl thing when he doesn't think he is getting enough attention or to answer you if you ask him a cracks me up. He is doing well at night. He went for 4 hours straight last night before he needed to go out.


lupin 1lupin 2lupin 2


We are going to the vet this afternoon for Lupin's well puppy check up! Lupin is pretty good about letting me know when he needs to go out so that has been really nice. He is such a sweet dog and has already bonded to us! He responds to his name and is definitely a quick learner. I got to run and let them back in, lol...they want to be with mommy! ~ Christina (Colorado, USA)




lupin 1lupin 2lupin 3

Sleeping under his water dish Eating with his paw in the bowl Standing beside a 10 inch box


05/16/08: Snapfish photo gallery (Requires signing up for a free account to view them.)


05/17/08: Snapfish photo gallery


05/20/08: SnapFish photo gallery of Lupin at 9 1/2 weeks and 22 lbs.


king shepherd   lupin1   lupin
Lupin's tired out (5/16/08)   Trying out his next (bigger) cage (5/17/08)   The boys (5/20/08)


05/23/08: Lupin is doing very well. He is already running the house. He just sat down to say hi to me and he meant to sit next to the water dish but he missed and instead dunked his entire tail in the water dish, he just wagged it and looked at me. So cute. Now he is playing with our two other babies and they are having a blast. He is getting so big. He has already outgrown the crate you sent him in (he outgrew it about a week ago). He has definitely adjusted nicely and is now confident in his new home. Thank you for such a wonderful puppy! ~ Christina (SnapFish photo gallery)


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