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06/02/08 (AM): Lupin is really happy and is having a blast. He still loves to make sure I am near him but he is doing fine going off and playing with the dogs, he will just come back and check on cute. He is quite a character and very vocal. If the dogs won't play with him he will do the play bow and keep barking and howling at them until they I love sharing pictures (new SnapFish gallery here)! My camera is starting to die so if you see spots on the photos that is what is happening. I have wiped the camera down inside and outside so not sure what is going on. But it is three years old so probably time for a new one. I sent in Lupin's registration papers so all I have left to do now is the KSCI registration! So excited about that! ~ Christina


ksd   lupin1   lupin2
In his pool   My 7 in long, 3.5 in. wide hand under Lupin's paw at 2.5 months   Lupin at 24 lbs under a 31" kitchen table


06/02/08 (PM): I am definitely going to join the KSCI, it sounds awesome! Lupin is so much fun! I love him soooo much. We have bonded so tightly. We have learned to read each other pretty well. If I am sad he will stay near me and I can tell when he needs to go outside and when he wants to be petted etc. without him making a sound. He is such a love bug. He loves ice cubes and that has helped especially as it heats up here. I had a friend visit and she loves Lupin also. He was fascinated by her baby but was very well behaved. I have been very impressed. He is very laid back. Since I have volunteered at the Humane Society I have had the opportunity to work with all kinds of puppies and young dogs (and of course all ages of dogs) and they are so hyper and not used to human contact or afraid of humans, it breaks my heart. So interacting with Lupin has been such a good experience. It keeps surprising me how much he loves me and the other dogs. I am used to working with fearful dogs so Lupin has been such a joy! I hope that makes sense. :) I should be starting my training with a mentor for the dog training in about 2 months and Lupin will be coming with me for that so he will be getting the benefit of a professional trainer and I will be learning alongside of him! Sorry I start to ramble when I start talking about dogs and especially about Lupin:) He is such a sweetheart! (SnapFish photos here) ~ Christina


06/04/08: That is really awesome that you donate the pups [for aide dogs].tube It is amazing what a dog can do for someone, what freedom it can give them. I really respect and admire your work with the pups and with the rescued animals. There are not enough people who do that. I am so glad that Duke [the current rescue horse] is doing better. I was wondering what Mayko's [a bobcat] story is. Again I am so impressed with all that you do. It is nice to meet someone who cares so much for animals. I have met so many people who just don't care. ~ Christina


06/10/08: Christina writes that Lupin is almost 3 months old and weighs about 35 lbs in these Snapfish photos.


06/12/08: [More SnapFish photos] The wrapping paper tube that he plays with in the pictures lasted a grand total of 5 min. before I had to take it away cuz he had shredded it. He had fun though! Enjoy the pictures! ~ Christina


06/16/08: . . . Lupin is doing well. He is eating 3 cups morning and evening and growing so fast. He is currently 37 lbs. We have the vet coming out on Thursday for the next set of shots. I finally had to spray Odin the staff terrier mix's collar with Bitter Apple so that Lupin would stop chewing on managed to get the tags most of the way off the collar before I got to it. But the Bitter Apple seems to have helped and a stronger ring for the tags. I forget how strong his jaws are. But he is so gentle with me and if the other dogs ask him to back off he does. He is very well behaved. He already knows the commands sit, stay and for when I kennel them (running errands) he knows the command "show me a good boy" He is such a quick learner. ~ Christina


06/24/08: . . . Lupin is doing so well. His ears are still not coming up. They will stand up for a sec. and it seems to annoy him cuz he immediately shakes his head and they tumble down and he looks so He is up to 40 lbs. . . . He is currently racked out in front of me with his best friend It is suppose to be hot today, mid 90s. They all usually sleep a lot inside when it gets that hot. Our dogs caught a rabbit yesterday, Lupin wasn't very interested and thank God I got to the rabbit before the dogs could get any of it. Sigh...they keep me busy.


Lupin is eating about 3-4 cups twice a day. Lupin is so sweet. when he thinks I am not paying enough attention to him he will butt my arm with his cute. He has been completely housetrained for about a month now. I was impressed how quickly he learned. I am looking at getting him a bigger kennel, he has just about outgrown his current one. He prefers to sleep on a pillow that only covers half of the kennel. I tried placing a comforter in there that covered the entire bottom of the kennel and he wasn't having that. He kept whining and panting heavily so I pulled it out put the original pillow back in and he was so happy! Lol...yeah he has been trained.


The dogs went to Lucky Dog, a daycare with dog behaviorists on staff, yesterday to do their introductory day. Lupin did amazing! I have now scheduled them for a full day of doggie day care on Sat. as I will be going up to the Renaissance festival. The dogs didn't want to leave lucky dog so that was good to see that they had such a great time . . .


I am having a slight issue typing this email because Lupin got so excited he jumped up on my laptop and snapped the "W" key right off so I have to work around that and push it a lot harder to get it to It has been interesting and he looked so guilty afterwards, I couldn't help but just give him a big hug and a good rub down. He is such a sweetie. Well I have rambled on and on so I will stop. I could talk forever about Lupin and what a wonderful dog! Thank you so much. ~ Christina


06/27/08: SnapFish gallery


06/30/08 AM: I love working with dogs. I just finished my online section of my dog training classes so next I do 10 hours at the Humane Society practicing what I have learned and then about 6 months with a mentor to which Lupin will be coming with me. So I am pretty excited about that.


I was wondering...Lupin and Odin wrestle a lot and I wasn't sure if all that play especially when they grab each other's ears would prevent Lupin's ears from coming up. They are so cute together . . . Lupin is up to 45 lbs . . . He loves being held as long as he is close enough to lick my face. Thankfully it looks like we made it through the rattlesnake breeding season with no sign of the snakes...we are right in the middle of the breeding ground. I am so glad that is over.


We have progressed to the next stage of giving Lupin more freedom at night. He is usually in a wire kennel in the bedroom with me. Last night I left the door to the kennel open and he did wonderful. He didn't show any interest in leaving the kennel to sleep on the cool tile floor in the bathroom or on the dog beds around the room, lol. As long as he is happy that is fine with me. Eventually I will phase out the kennel all together. Tarah usually sleeps under our bed (still not sure how she fits under it, she kind of Odin is usually curled up on some pillows he "stole" from our bed near the dresser. So there are two other dog beds in the room that Lupin could choose from.


Lupin has gone to doggy day care twice now (of course after his bordetella shot kicked in) and he did really well. He is a big hit with the staff. They kept coming out and asking me "he is HOW old?" Lol...he does so well there. I am so happy to have found a doggy day care that my dogs actually enjoy. The one I had been going to wasn't too good. We went a couple of times and then I noticed that Tarah would put on her "brakes" when we got near the place. So I checked out the web cams more often and noticed that she was hiding in the corner. When I asked about that they said she was doing great. Yeah right. So we now go to a place called Lucky Dog and they have a dog behaviorist that works with them, plus they have play time and people who play with them instead of being left on their own all the time. Now I can't get the dogs to I am so happy that they love it that much. Lupin gets so excited when I come for him (he is such a cuddle bug) that he has managed to wrap the leash around my legs twice (once around both legs and once in between my


I have been sending my husband, Jon [in the military], pictures of Lupin. Jon is missing Lupin so much, since he is deployed. Jon was thinking that we might like to show Lupin. Any advice on what I need to do to reach that goal? Also what would we need to do to breed him? We are totally new at Jon can't get over how handsome Lupin is looking and he laughs at all the stories I pass on to him.


For example, Lupin's tail is getting really long. The other day he turned around really quickly and accidentally stepped on his own tail and he slid across the hardwood floor and looked so confused. I couldn't stop laughing. I think he was offended by that but then he decided to forgive me and head butted my leg to show me that he forgave me, which only made me laugh harder. He is such a character. Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog! He has captured my heart completely.


kennelHe already knows the commands sit, stay (well mostly), look at me, high five and come. He is such a quick learner. Anyway, I am rambling. I can't say enough about Lupin! He is awesome! I hope you have a wonderful day! If you don't mind say hi to all your wonderful dogs!!! ~ Christina


06/30/08: I saw on your web site the Lady/Berrin litter owner pictures and stories! That is such a great way to do that! It is nice seeing pictures and stories pretty much side by side of the puppies from the same litter! Thank you for doing that! It is awesome! ~ Christina


07/01/08: Pictures of Lupin in his kennel. Keep in mind the kennel (at left) is 24 in. high and 35 inches long. He is getting so big. ~ Christina


07/04/08: Christina sends photos of the dogs celebrating July 4th by playing in the pool.


07/11/08: Pictures of Lupin at about 4 months old and 50 lbs ~ Christina


07/15/08: Christina sends more SnapFish gallery photos



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