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sit07/23/08: More SnapFish photos here at right and in this album


07/25/08: I was able to take this picture and thought you guys might like it. Lupin is about 4.5 months old. Yeah he is huge. Tarah didn't take it for growled at him, got up and then went over and licked his cute. Sorry about the quality of the picture. My camera is finally dying . . . ~ Stina


08/13/08:eight Lupin is now 5 months old and 60 lbs [at left and lower right]. He is growing straight up. His ears still aren't up except for a few sec. here and there . . . He is such a character. He likes to chase his tail and eat ice cubes and head butt me to make sure I pay more attention to him. He is such a cuddle bug and I couldn't have asked for a better dog! He has completely stolen my heart!sleep Hope you all enjoy the [SnapFish gallery] pictures! ~ Christina


11/04/08: AAKS Note — Due to a change in Christina's family situation, she was no longer able to keep Lupin. It was a sad, heartbreaking decision for Christina; we can tell by her journal here how much she loves Lupin and enjoys his company. He will be going to a new home in South Dakota. His new owner (who originally had a deposit to hold a Cilla/Brutis fall litter male) is a vet tech. She once worked for the Houston SPCA featured on the television show Animal Planet so we feel this is a great match, and that she will be able to understand and work through any issues that may arise with our Lupin.


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