05/05/08: . . . Mr. Mussalini has settled in quite nicely. He did fine on the way home, he sat on the center console and we took turns holding him when he got tired. Nic and Bo are doing good with him, still a bit uncertain of him but it is working out fine. House training is going well, he has gone to the door and whined to be let out twice now which I think is pretty impressive. The other times we have just let him out every 30 minutes or so. He has a pretty decent appetite and LOVES chewy bones. The kids are in love and he is totally eating it up. They all go to the vets' office on May 24th so I will let you know their weights and give you any other updates. The microchip tag that we have says it needs to be registered, do we do that or have you already done it? Let me know when you get a chance. Thank you again Amy we appreciate your working with us so that we could add another member to our family. If at any time you have a potential puppy person that would like to speak with someone who has gotten a dog from you, let me know I would be more then happy to speak on your behalf. ~ Noel (Ohio, USA)


05/24/08: Just a update to let you know how the boys are. We went to the vet today and had boosters. Moose is growing like a weed, he weighed 14.24 pounds when we brought him home and today he weighed 21.90. His ears are starting to stand and he has gotten adjusted quite nicely. Housebreaking is just about done, he has had only a few accidents but only because we were not paying attention. I will be sending pictures soon so you can post them. ~ Noel


06/19/08: Just a quick note let you know that Moose is doing fantastic! We went to the vet for his rabies and he weighed 33 pounds. He is growing by leaps and bounds and is doing really good. We bought 2 pools for the boys to keep them cool and he is loving the water. He has made friends with the lab puppy next door and they are so funny to watch together . . . We are leaving to go camping for the next 4 days so I will try to get pictures of them camping as well. ~ Noel




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