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06/13/08: Here is the latest assortment of pictures. I tell you what.... I have more appreciation than ever for your trying to put puppy pictures out for buyers to see!!! I have a ton of pictures of Alexis, but not many very good ones!




These pictures are around 11 weeks old. [You see where she is] sassing me while I am trying to take a picture. She doesn't seem to want me to take pictures all of the time, so she will bark at me and let me know. I thought that you would get a kick out of seeing that!

When we had her to the vet the day after we got her, she weighed 16.40. On the 1st of June, we had her in again because she had an ear infection. She weighed in at 22.30. That difference was in 2 1/2 weeks. Just 4 days later she was due for more shots and weighed 24.70. We weighed her at home today, and she is 28 pounds (obviously not as accurate as the vet) at just over 12 weeks.




Do your dogs get much of a reaction to shots? Alexis got sick after her last round of shots. I don't know if it was a reaction, or just a coincidence. She hadn't been anywhere other than our back yard (fenced in, but with wild rabbits ~ and with her poop eating love, who knows....) The shots were given on a Thursday. Her stool was a little loose on Friday. On Saturday they were even looser. By that evening they were pure liquid, then she started to throw up. I have never seen so much throw up from a dog. She must have lost some weight over the next 12 hours because she threw up and had liquid diarrhea all night. Rick and I were up with her every other hour. On Sunday, when the vet opened, we called them, and they prescribed some medicine. She was fine that day ~ still weak and very sleepy, but didn't throw up or have any diarrhea. On Monday morning her stool was almost normal, but since then it has been off and on more like pudding consistency. We have been giving her chicken and rice. That seemed to help some, but not enough. Our vet had actually told us to put pumpkin in with her food. Since we couldn't find pure pumpkin, we just used the chicken. Just yesterday I found the pumpkin. Her stool was more firm today.

The shots she had been given were: DHLPP, Lyme Disease, and Bordetella (intranasal) We were wondering if it was just too much at once, or if it is just a coincidence. She is supposed to get the second Lyme booster next Wednesday, but if her stool isn't totally normal before that, I will probably cancel it until she is normal. (At least that is what I want to ask the vet) By the way, ever since last Sunday, although her stools are not normal, she is eating extremely well again, and is her normal self as far as play and sassiness. She doesn't act at all like she doesn't feel well. That is why this loose stool seems so weird! Any thoughts? ~ Ann


06/30/08: I was out of town . . . Rick was able to work from home so that Alexis wouldn't be stuck all day in the crate, since she is still so young... She had definitely grown while I was away, and yes, she seems to grow before our eyes!!

She is doing better about the poop eating thing. She no longer tries to fight me for it. If it isn't cleaned up right away, she might end up going after it at a later time when she is out to play, but at least it is a bit better.


. . . Alexis is really getting nice looking!! She still reminds me of a lion cub the way she plods along with those big feet. It is so cute! She still loves to play with a tennis ball, and is getting very quick at stopping the ball after I bounce it off the hearth or wall. Because she has gotten so big, she doesn't have to run after the ball so much; she plods along then suddenly grabs the ball with her mouth, or puts out her large paw to stop it.


On several occasions I have seen her playing with the ball on her own if we are busy. She will sometimes push it along the floor with her paw or nose, then chase after it! Trying to retrieve it from under the table isn't as easy for her anymore because of her height; however, reaching the table for things that were left on there are getting easier for her! Of course I will correct her if I am nearby, and I try to keep things off the table to begin with so there isn't a temptation...


Here are a few more pictures from this afternoon. Let me know if you want fewer pictures! ~ Ann




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