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07/15/08: Amy, it was soooo good to meet you [at the Delaware River Classic]!!! It was fun to see some of your beautiful dogs. The boys were not happy to leave, and wanted to come back the next day. Nathan in particular fell in love with Sopheara, although they all liked her, and had fun too with Onyx.




I do really feel sick about Alexis' ear, because now that I know that the ear can be damaged, it is my gut feeling that that is what did happen somehow. I feel so badly, and don't know what did it. I had no idea that something like that was even possible! That particular ear was the one that had previously been up and the other one always flopped sideways. Now, the "up" ear is bent, and it sure seems to have a crease in it, and doesn't seem to want to go back up. I feel absolutely terrible!! Alexis goes in for her rabies shot this Friday, so I will ask them about it.... ~ Ann


AAKS NOTE: Pups' ears can go up and come back down, the go back up several times before they fully stand up. We do caution to be careful against damage by being patient when the dogs are young because ear cartilage can take up to 6 months to fully develop.


07/30/08: . . . Alexis continues to do well. She will sit and wait to be fed and not go for the food until we alexissay "Okay." She will even do this for the boys. Most of the time she will respond to "Don't bite." If she is just too "full of herself," we just use the mouth spray, and she will leave us alone ~ it works great! Also, she will usually stay away from the table now while we are eating. Sometimes she wants to get a drink, or move to a different spot. It is really cute, because she will walk along the wall with her head toward the wall almost as if she is telling us that she is just passing by and not planning on coming over to the table ~ it is really cute! She does delight in running off with the boys plastic buckets or shovels outside; then the chase is on! . . . She doesn't like the vacuum cleaner, and will usually stay on the steps. She was happy to have Nathan and Ethan with her on this occasion. Also, her ears have both been coming up and down over the last week or so. They are starting to be more up than down, so I am happy to know that we didn't do anything to her!! ~ Ann


09/10/08: A couple of pictures from today... In the last [one], she is quietly keeping her eye on the neighbor's dog... Enjoy! ~ Ann




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