AAKS Note: As of January 2009, Ruby was renamed Dixie.


06/24/08: Ruby has been wonderful, she is going to be alpha I believe. She is learning very quickly and so far has shown no sign of even being startled when things like the neighbors letting off firecrackers or the sweeper, so that is all good. ~ Sharon (Ohio, USA)


06/30/08: [Ruby is] scheduled to start official training July 5, housebreaking hasn't gone as smoothly as with Breeze, but she's doing well. Breeze loves her, anywhere but "her" places. They play and romp like mother and daughter. So far, so good. ~ Sharon


07/10/08: So far she is doing great. Breeze is still very territorial with her areas and that is doing nothing buy escalating, but we work on it daily. Ruby has been so easy to bond with, she's an absolute little dream of a lil monster, believe me she keeps us all very busy. ~ Sharon


07/13/08: . . . Ruby is a pistol, nothing like Breeze was at her age. She is much more playful, out-going, the vet couldn't get over how big she is — see, she has never seen a real King before. At 15 weeks she weighed 34.1 pounds, her legs when we brought her home are denser than Breeze's right now. She did have a touch of Impetigo on her stomach but that has all healed now. She sleeps very well in her crate and doesn't whine at all when I'm in there, but she doesn't like being left alone yet, but the length is getting longer until she whines, so she's soon be fine. ~ Sharon


07/22/08: . . . we're free feeding her [Blue Diamond Puppy Food] so she gets as much as she wants. I am so proud of her, just with my training her at home, she knows, sit, come, stay, down, roll over. We missed Marlys's basic training so I'll have to find another group and then take her to remedial classes that are every Saturday at Marlys's. Those include everything from basic, agility, confidence building, individual needs. She is a pistol I will say that about her, her spirit is very healthy. With all the love and gratitude I can offer ~ Sharon


07/26/08: We took "Ranger's Lil Red Ruby", Ruby for short, to our vet two weeks ago, she weighed in at over 33 pounds. No one at our vet's office has ever seen a King before so they are all excited to see how she develops. She has settled in here very nicely. After two nights she was sleeping all night in her crate and has never had an accident in it yet, I wish I could say the same for the house. She learned how to sit the first day home, she walks very well on a loose leash, she is learning the command "watch me" this week, she is very smart. Her temperament is just so even, and believe me, there is MUCH commotion at our house. She knows the command "house" to come back in and is also learning "come" when we are outside or in the house. Needless to say we all just love her. I will send pictures very soon. ~ The Garretts


11/04/08: [Ruby] doesn't seem to be ultra reactive to any situation. She travels very well. rubyFireworks didn't scare her, she is a little timid around the vacuum but not to an extreme. She is very interested in cats, the new kitten and her get along famously, we have a 10 year old that she will chase if not corrected (but he is quite the agitator as well). ruby twoOur 14 year old cat is VERY dog savvy and Ruby just lets him go as he pleases. No food aggressions with our other dogs or with us. Ruby absolutely loves everybody!!! I can't stress that enough. She may knock over toddlers until she can mature a little bit more. She can be a little touchy over new toys but we let them work it out and she always submits to Breeze or Jake. She is just a delight to be around, but she is quite active, her recall is good, she knows "house" for when we're ready to go in. They love to roam in our fields and go over to our neighbors pond. Breeze & Jake are border trained, so she just follows them and comes back when they do. threeThey're always within our eyesight. I would never let her off lead as of yet except in a dog park for recall. She knows down but will jump if allowed especially when first out of crate and yet she is crate-trained. Housebreaking, she has very few accidents, she hasn't learned to alert on her own yet, she depends on Breeze and Jake. No accidents in crate ever. She knows to sit and wait for her food if told. We do not free food. She is currently on Nutro Large Breed Puppy, so far no digestive issues at all. She tolerated bathing, nail trim, she does have excessive ear wax so you need to keep on top of that. She loves frisbee but especially tennis balls, Nylabones, we don't give treats. She had just begun clicker and treat training when I became physically unable to handle her. It grieves me so much to let her go, but it is in her best interest. She is very loving, very affectionate, loves tummy rubs. I would categorize her temperament as soft to medium, she is easily distracted, she still needs work on "watch me" or whatever command you use to attain your dog's eye contact. I know she will acclimate to a new home very easy if they are willing to work with her as she is very active, very much still a puppy. ~ Sharon


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