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AAKS Note: Ruby was originally donated as a assistant aid dog at 3 months of age but, due to our great disappointment in her care (wormy, ear infection, weight loss), Ruby was returned to us at 7 months for rehoming. Her named has been changed to Dixie by her new New Jersey family. This family lost their 9 month old King Shepherd from spay complications. Linda and Steve Rush from Starfire King Shepherds (New Jersey) referred the new family. Knowing how much the Rushes love their dogs and are solicitous of their puppies' families, we are give a special thanks for their trusting AAKS with one of their previous litter owner families.


01/23/09: Here are some pictures of Dixie (formerly Ruby Red)dixie oneshortly after she arrived at our home. Since arriving at our home, she has put on some weight, 7 lbs. All her medical issues are clear now, ears have cleared up and are now erect . . . She is just a wonderful dog! I took her to Long Beach Island a few days after we got her for Thanksgiving with 16 members of my family. She was great! She is still somewhat cautious of people and fearful of strange dogs. Once she knows a dog, it's play time. She had a great time with my niece's English Setter, racing around! She is not aggressive when she sees a strange dog, she just backs up and tries to avoid them. We have been going to class for a month now and she is improving.


She is wonderful with my grand children, very calm. Last night, Dixie was sleeping on her bed in the living room, along with our other dogs, sleeping on their respective beds. My three year old granddaughter accidentally fell backwards on her and Dixie hardly moved. Each dog has their own bed and our other two switch off with each other, but Dixie never goes on their beds and they never go on her bed.


threetwoI take Dixie with me everywhere in the car. She comes to my son's home every week when I care for my granddaughter. They have a cat, but the cat hides until we leave, so I don't know how she would react to the cat. My son has have several acres, unfenced, and we go out in the back yard and she runs and plays, always listens when I call her. She is excellent off lead, listens to voice commands immediately. She also comes with me to my other son's home. They have a year old daughter and she is very respectful, keeping away.


Dixie is completely housebroken, only one accident the night that she arrived in our home. She sits by the back door when she needs to go out. We walk our three dogs three times a day and she really looks forward to the walks. She must have had training not go to the bathroom on walks, she prefers the back yard. She is not a barker and likes bath time and tolerates nail trimming. We are very happy with her and I do believe that she is very twoonehappy here. ~ Teri (New Jersey, USA)


02/02/09: [Dixie] is doing well. We attend class every Saturday. She is still fearful of people and other dogs, but we work on it daily. I take her everywhere with me so she can meet many people and pets.


My little 1 year old grand daughter feeds her treats that she takes very gently from her tiny fingers. ~Teri



03/02/10 AAKS NOTE: After having gone through with another dog, Breeze, what we went through with Dixie and the same “rescue dog trainer”, we want to again thank both Linda and Steve very much for the referral to such a great home, where Dixie is doing great with her mom, Deb, and the entire family. And she does great with Deb's grand children, so again a special thanks to both Linda and Deb.


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