05/14/08: Wow, Emma [a/k/a white collar female] has certainly relaxed and is showing her true colors. Talk about energy! We had forgotten how much work a puppy can be. We do love her, though. I brought her to work with me yesterday where she met other dogs, some puppies and three horses. She was really frightened of the horses, but wasn't too bad. Potty training is a challenge, as I expected it would be at this young age, but she's gotten the hang of her crate and has slept through the last two nights and is even walking into it to nap. She is such a doll. A challenge, though, as they all are. My husband is home with her today for the first time on his own. Good luck, Emma! Everyone here at work thought she was gorgeous! I weighed her on the hospital scale and she was just under 17 lbs. I think she had adjusted very well to us and her new home. She's very affectionate and loves to fall asleep on the floor, touching a foot or hand. She's very outgoing with everyone which is great. I'll keep you updated on her progress. ~ Sue (Indiana, USA)


06/04/08: I brought Emma in for her next round of vaccinations and she's up to 25 lbs. I just took her home and she's absolutely exhausted. She collapsed on the floor when we got in. She looks wonderful. I'm so glad you're donating the last female as an assistance dog. She ought to be perfect. I wish we could have had two; they would have been great companions. ~ Sue


07/01/08: I had Emma in for her third set of vaccinations yesterday and she now weighs 36.4 lbs. She is a BIG girl. Everyone at the front desk can't wait to see how much she's grown. She's almost completely housebroken now which is great. Now, if we can just break of biting. I am her favorite chew toy, unfortunately. I need to measure her at the shoulder because she's incredibly tall. She seems to grow a couple inches every week. We are training her to walk with a Gentle Leader which has made life so much easier! She's doing remarkably well. Usually, it takes quite a few times for the dog to get used to it, but with only three times, she's doing great. I use a can of squeeze cheese to reward her when she's walking well and we hardly need to use it anymore. I hope to get her into puppy class soon, although bringing her to work with me gives her socialization to all kinds of people and animals. She's met the horses a few times and now it's old hat for her. She loves the big dogs and is slightly afraid of the little ones, which is funny. I plan to get her together with a friend's Golden Retriever soon. They have a completely fenced-in backyard so she can run like a maniac. ~ Sue


08/19/08: I finally have some photos for you [below]. The first one is Maddie and Emma the day we brought Emma home. As you can see, Maddie was less than thrilled with her new sister. I so wish she had lived longer to help "raise" Emma. The other two were taken yesterday (8/18). She's grown so fast! She's about 55 lbs and quite tall. She's really smart; she can sit, stay, shake and speak. We're working on not jumping up on people. What a bundle of energy! We're trying to get her out to walk a good distance everyday on her Gentle Leader. She does extremely well with it-----unless she sees squirrels that are running. Then, look out! We're glad she's so food motivated because it makes training easier. After she finishes puppy classes, I'm going to take her to obedience training. She's got curly/wavy hair right down the middle of her back, while everything else is straight. I think she's going to be a very big girl. ~ Sue




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