05/20/08: The pup arrived. Got him home and introduced to my other two dogs, it's going to take them some time to get used to the bouncy little thing. He is a beautiful puppy, everybody loves him already! ~ Ange (Arizona, USA)


05/25/08: Here is a picture of Kody, Bandit, Sheba, my daughter and me. It wasn't easy to get the three dogs together in one picture. Kody is a little too wild for my old guys. I got puppy shot app. on June 4, let you know how much he weighs. ~ Ange




06/05/08: Kody got his Puppy Shots yesterday, Weight in at 21.3 lbs and measured at 16 inch. Got some new pictures ~ Ange




06/17/08: Shutterfly photos of Kody from her owner, Ange




06/25/08: Kody had his shots today [at 14 weeks] . . . 29.5lbs and measures 17.6 ~ Ange


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