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07/02/08: Kody is getting along really great with Bandit they like to wrestle. It looks and sounds dangerous but there is no biting involved. Kody also likes to help with the morning chores like mucking the horse pens or swiping the kitchen. My other dog Sheeba is being terrorized by Kody who won't let her eat. I always have to hold [Kody] so [Sheeba] can eat. Every time I try to pet [Sheeba] Kody is right there and chases her off. ~ Ange




007/02/08: Kody's owner says he is 16 weeks old in the photos below and in this ShutterFly photo gallery, and that they are looking forward to getting a Windy/Berrin brother from Amy's Acres in a few months. ~ AAKS




08/28/08: Kody is doing great, he is a very happy pup. I was going to take him to Puppy class but wasn't allowed to because of his scratching. They thought he has fleas. I am going to see the vet tomorrow about that. Already tried three different kinds of foods but has not made a difference He weighs 55lbs now I'll send pics soon ~ Ange


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