This “Svedala's Majestic Anna-Rose /Excaliburs King of Hearts Zack ” litter is by breeder Kendall Mccoy. AAKS obtained these pups under a breeder's contract. Although AAKS was not the breeder and although AAKS did not own the parents of these pups, we placed them under our own contract with our same written guarantee on health, hips and temperament. We felt comfortable placing these pups and extending our guarantee because we do own two adult “Anna/Zack” dogs from this breeder. Follow these two links for DNA profile PDFs for Anna and Zack.



AAKS Note: Guinness is the first King Shepherd in Germany!


01/07/09: We received the latest pictures and both Brenda and I were jumping for Joy !!! Never in a million years did we think that our expectations for our family would be exceeded !!! We keep pinching ourselves, is it really going to come true .... he is just magnificent !!!. Seven hard months of looking for the right breeder (forget the postman, I would like a one on one with that guy) and the right dog was our dream. Amy you made our dreams come true and that should make you feel very proud. We know we were a risk for you, first time shipping a puppy to Germany and relying on your gut feeling... is this a good thing or a mistake waiting to happen. Believe me your boy is going to have a very very good life with care and love.


You will never be far away for Guinness, as he grows and you see what he becomes as an adult, in the future you will probably say to yourself " Dam it... why didn't I keep that moose?"


I will phone you tonight but I just wanted to capture in words how we feel. No words left. ~ Ian (Germany)


guinnessking shepherdksd pup


02/02/09: Just wanted to share some pictures of our gorgeous pup [at four months and 50 lbs)! He seems to have grown over the last few days!! We absolutely love him to bits! He's such a joy to have in the house! One of my favorite times with him is when he wakes up in the morning, sees me and wags his tail and comes over for a cuddle. He's such a happy dog! We're making progress with the cat. But Clyde is still a jealous pup who needs to snap out of it. We are being as fair as we can dishing out attention. We are planning to go to a training class with him over the weekend so we can get him to walk on a lead. He eats well, sleeps well, plays well, everything could not be better! ~ Brenda






02/08/09: Guinness looks small (at left) but Brenda is 6' tall . ~ Ian


02/08/09: Wanted to show you this family portrait! (photo right) ~ Brenda







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