Arthur W.


12/23/08: What a wonderful boy! He slept for most of the drive... we stopped 3 times to make sure he had the opportunity to have a drink and take care of business...


Last night he decided he'd like to sleep on the floor on my side of the bed... he stayed there all night...once in a while I'd reach down and rub his back and he'd roll around for a few minutes of play...


We weren't home 10 minutes and the phone was ringing off the hook as our older children were calling to see if we were home with our new baby ...what a fuss! We have a lot of snow too... seems like a lot of fun for Arthur Hudson as he jumps around into the piles of snow and covers his face...he's adorable!


Had a chance to see your big family out back... they're all beautiful dogs... I especially wanted to see Cilla to thank her for her gift... she is as you said... a beautiful animal ... the pups that were with her that were not her own were adorable too... Lloyd wanted to take one of those too... yikes! And if they weren't all taken... I might of too! I was away for a few days . . . before heading out to Michigan and wasn't aware of your delay... so I did land on your steps for 11:00 ... what rotten luck that we didn't get a chance to meet... your husband is a real nice guy, easy to chat with and has a great sense of humour... transition and transaction all went well!

arthurOur next steps are to enroll Arthur Hudson into puppy lessons... our daughter Erin works for PetSmart and we can get lessons there...and he goes to the vet today for his first Canadian Check up as you instructed us to do... it's all fun... many thanks! ~ Monique (Canada)


12/29/08: ... Arthur is a super puppy... he's terrific and we look forward to when he's older to enjoy learning lessons through a reward and recogntion programaw ... for now...he's enjoying the puppy life...being cared for, cleaned up after and having lots of love so he'll have a happy soul and mind to want to learn more appropriate indoor vs outdoor activities... he's already showing such cleverness! ~ Monique


01/05/09: Why sleep on the floor when you're small enough to cuddle up? Kaiser Arthur Hudson is a JOY! Many many thanks! ~ M


02/04/09: [The photo at right] was taken I think on Boxing Day at the cottage. ~ Monique



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