2/31/08: We received our puppy with no problems at the airport. She was very excited to get out of her kennel. She chased our 9 year old Logan around! We named her Shadow, she’s camouflaged pretty good when she gets into dark areas of the house. J working on the potty training, we’ve had few accidents. We’re starting her into an obedience class next week the 8th . . . I’ll let you know how that goes.






We had a great X-Mas weekend . . . kids had lot of fun with Shadow & lots more to come. I attached a few pics of our X-Mas day . . . Thanks again ~ TIM (Oregon, USA)





11/19/09: Here's a current pic of our Beautiful Shadow just before her first B-day. She is doing wonderful, loves licking the kids' ears. She's perfect around our 5 month old Jaxson! Couldn't ask for better dog, thank you. ~ TIM








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