diamond05/11/09: It is very good with Diamond. It was love at first sight and she already feels at home. I send you photos of her arrival at the airport, from our home and puppy school. [Everyone thinks] she is beautiful and sweet and want to stroke her. She has a very sweet and good character and enjoys a good cuddle. William and I cannot thank you enough that you [have given and entrusted to us] this beautiful and very sweet dog . . . Again our heartfelt thanks. ~ Gemma (The Netherlands)


05/15/09: Diamond feels already at home and feels good between our other dogs. Anywhere I go Diamond goes, we are truly friends for life. It is such a wonderful, sweet, beautiful and smart dog. She steals all the hearts of everyone who sees her. I will try to call you this evening again and hopefully chat with you on the phone. ~ Gemma




05/22/09: This is a photo (at right)of Diamond and another King Shepherd in the Netherlands . . . her name is Angel. ~ Gemma


06/02/09: . . . sending you some pictures (below) of Diamond of May 05, and almost 5 month old. In the first photo (below left), she is 3-1/5 months and the last 2 she is almost 5 months old. She is 47 pounds already and doing very well. We love her so muc. ~ Gemma






07/14/09: Amy, look how beautiful she is. [photo at right). There are also adult dogs with her. She likes them all and is listening very well. ~ Gemma


08/31/09: Diamond is doing very well and, compared to the other dogs of her age, she is the tallest and biggest one of al., and I think also the smartest. She keeps learning very quickly and easy. She is the most wonderful dog we ever had and we are still very proud of her. So I think you understand way we want [another] dog just like our Diamond. When possible, with the same colors as she has. Because she is so beautiful, everyone [says] so. I can’t tell you enough how much we love her. ~ Gemma




08/21/09: Here are some photos of Diamond and our other dogs at our property. Diamond likes swimming very much. Look how big she already is at 8 months old. Just as big as the other dogs who are adults. ~ Gemma




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