02/20/09: Just having my morning tea with Gauge. Crazy thing yesterday, there was a terrible accident on the main hwy yesterday that goes to Toronto. The airport is about two and half hrs from our place so we had to create a new route. Everything went fine at the cargo, each part of the transaction was in a different building so i was running all over, lol. And all of the workers kept saying oh have you seen your new pup he is so big and fluffy he is beautiful.


Ah it brought tears to my eyes when I saw him. He is everything I dreamed of and then some. He was so quiet on the ride home, he hardly moved. Of course he sat on my knee, hehehe. I expected that he would have diarrhea as he did last night, however this a.m he seems to be fine.


Shelbs loves him. It was hilarious, Gauge gave her a real mean growl, but I corrected him and he hasn't done it since. He has a great appetite. Only one thing I noticed and that is he seems to be walking a little funny at times with his back legs? Maybe sitting in the crate for a couple hours? I will keep an eye on it and let you know.


Pictures did not do this boy good, he is far better in person, I am thrilled with him as is Greg, I can't wait for the boys to get home from school today so that they can see him. Keep in touch and thanks again. ~ Carrie (Canada)


02/21/09: I was able to get Gauge in to the vet today. He is awesome healthy! He has a great heart rate, his everything is great! ( You already know that lol!) Gauge weighs 13.5lbs. He has settled in wonderfully! He is a sleeper! We have only been up once through the night which is great. He does not like to be in his

crate at night however loves to sleep on the hard wood floor of our bedroom beside the bed. Shelby on the other side of the bed. Gauge seems to get too hot and pants a lot when in his crate? . . . Thanks again I just can't get enough of him! We start puppy classes middle of march. ~ Carrie and family


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