030103/16/09: I can hardly believe it has been three weeks since I brought Phoenix (Mily's litter brother) and Mily' home. Although bringing home two puppies was a spur-of-the-moment decision, I have not for even one moment regretted that decision. They have added new life to our home. Akamai has been wonderful with them. I am really enjoying getting to know the intricacies of their personalities . . . Mily' is very sweet, eager to please, but more timid with company. However, once she feels secure, she is more proactive in engaging in play with other dogs . . . Mily’s name is from the Czech word meaning beloved or much loved (Milovany). Anyway, I love them both dearly and am exceptionally grateful. They are both very bright and already soundly know the meaning of “potty” and “sit” and are somewhat learning the idea of “stay”. They are a true joy. Thank you for remembering Amando in your e-mail. I hope you enjoy the pictures. [Mily' has the lighter coat] ~ Nancy (PS: . . . Mily' was 20 pounds at 11 weeks.) ~ Nancy (Ohio, USA)




04/22/09: I can see why Mily' was your favorite. She is so incredibly sweet and eager to please. Phoenix is all boy! They tend to feed into each other's energy but are quickly learning how to be patient and polite. I think with dedicated effort, I will be able to help Mily' become a confident little girl. I just need to be patient and gentle and not push her too hard. She runs and hides at any unfamiliar noises, so I want to be sure the situations I expose her to do not traumatize her. By the way, at their 16 week check-up Phoenix weighed 45 and Mily' was 32 pounds. I will send more pictures soon. ~ Nancy


06/30/09: Mily' is unbelievable beautiful. She has the most beautiful pale yellow, white, sable and black coat. She has gone through so many interesting color changes and now has a beautiful saddle back. I will send more pictures. I just didn't want to overwhelm you with more until you had a chance to deal with what you already have. Both pups have done exceptionally well in obedience school. They both graduate from eight weeks of training this week (separate classes). They also just started attending four hours per week of doggie daycare for socialization and I have hired a wonderful private trainer for the summer. Group classes resume at the end of August. They have suggested I try and show. We'll see. ~ Nancy


09/27/09: The puppies are both very loving and sweet with Akamai and myself. Phoenix is huge. He was 106 pounds at 8 months. He is a big teddy bear. Mily' is very small. I will be weighing her tomorrow when we are on our way home from doggie daycare. Both dogs still have one ear completely down. I've tried every method I could find on internet. What is the latest age at which you have heard of ears still coming up? ~ Nancy


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