03/24/09: I've just been so busy with my new puppy that I'm way behind in e-mailing people! She is doing great, sleeping from about 10:30 p.m. to 6 a.m., sure can't complain about that. She sure makes us laugh. We are calling her Karma and she is picking this up fast. She follows me everywhere, has met many other dogs already, and puppy class starts tomorrow night. I will send you some pics soon. We just love her! Thanks again! ~ Joyce (British Columbia, Canada)


k104/18/09: Karma is doing great. Have her in my puppy class [AAKS note: Joyce is a professional dog trainer.]. She goes out with me up to the mall after I run my errands. We do a walk-about so she can meet people, see skateboarders, lots of cars, lots of diff types of socializing. [Karma] wants to play with my six year old dog all the time so we do some time out.


When I'm out with my clients' dogs she is with me or watching from a fenced area so she can see what is going on (if I have dogs out that might scare her). I love her compared to other puppies I have had or worked with; she is great! We have been saying we are going to send you pictures for weeks. Just a little slow at doing it but have taken lots. Took her with me for a happy visit to the vets yesterday . . . her weight is 13.8 kg. (about 30 +lbs) . . . ~ Joyce


k205/13/09: Better late than never! Sorry it's taken sooo long to send these [photos] to you. Here (left and below) are some photos of her and some of her family!


Karma is doing great. She loves everybody, gets a lot of outside socialization. Fine with little kids to old. Finished her first puppy class.


Her weight last week was 40lbs. How does that compare with the other pups at 4 months? When you have time would love to know.


We love her to bits . . . Feel free to ask how she is doing anytime. ~ Joyce





05/21/09: At this time our web site is not yet up even though it is on my card, but please feel free to post any info regards me boarding dogs. Was an animal health tech and at this time do puppy to advanced classes and privates. Am a Tellington Touch practitioner, privates to 2 day work shops. I will send you one of my brochures so you have it. Maybe this will speed things up to get our web site done! Will also send you some pics of the business . . . I had Karma weighed today and she is 21kg about 46 lbs . . . Her temperament is great, easy to train. ~ Joyce


06/04/09: Karma is doing great. Starting another class with her next week with 5 other dogs. Have her out in play groups, can call her away from playing with other dogs to say hello and then off she goes again (about 10 dogs). Learning to settle with a group of dogs off leash (lying down to rest in a field with other dogs).  Has been going to watch my daughter's baseball games twice a week and she goes along.  Is learning to hang out with all the noise and cheering.  The only time she starts to bark at the game is when she sees another dog and wants to play!


I have worked with many dogs and always had G. Sheps, none have been as easy to work with as her. We all just love her.


A little girl came up to her at the ball park last night so I said to the mother that she is still learning her manners and is young. She loves little kids. Gave the little girl a lick then sat next to her for a pat, rolled over for a tummy rub. Everyone was amazed at how gentle she was. We are practicing the “gentle” word and use it when I do Tellington Touch on her to calm her so she has a word to relate to for calming.


Her weight today is 49.06 lbs. Thanks again for all your care. From what I have seen from the other new owners you have made many happy families. ~ Joyce 


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