04/04/09: We're back now and all is well. The pup [Pawpeye a/k/a PJ] is exploring and being quite inquisitive. We hope the rest of your day went smooth and you are home and relaxing. You deserve it and WE ALL THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS. ~ Leo (Ontario, Canada)


pj1AAKS NOTE: PJ's owners are devastated that PJ lost his life in a hit-by-car in June. He lived such a very short life, but gave back so much in that short amount of time. He was one of the most loving pups we ever raised. As you can see from our AAKS puppy photo (right), PJ had a special bond with his sire, Polar; the love those two dogs shared was so obvious.


pj206/07/09: I want to thank you and your family for providing us with such a joy in our lives. Pawpeye (PJ) was the best and smartest pup in the puppy school we enrolled him in here in Guelph. He and I were inseparable and we spent at least an hour and a half together everyday walking, socializing, playing and living the dream. He had many children including my girls surrounding him constantly and brought innocence and laughter into our lives.


I regret to inform you that yesterday he was in the back yard roaming around his domain while I was in the garage working. My new neighbour started shooting off firecrackers that spooked him. When one of the kids next door tried to go to comfort him, he ran out of the yard and into traffic. We rushed him to the University of Guelph Veterinary Medical Center where he had surgery for internal bleeding. Unfortunately there was no surgery the doctors could do to help the head trauma he had received. pj3pj4We had hoped that it was a concussion and would clear. When the doctors told us there was nothing more we could do it was time to say goodbye. Before the doctors could euthanize him, he passed away at 4 am this morning in our arms after we all said goodbye in the recovery room of the university hospital.


Amy, I want you to know that we put everything we had into his quality of life when he was with us and when he was hurt last night. As you know, I've already had a dog die on the road here once and I was determined to never let it happen again, and it did. I'm devastated. I put everything I had into raising this pup and not losing him last night and it still turned out the way it did. I'm truly sorry, and I hope I haven't saddened you or your family by informing you of this. ~ Leo




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