07/27/09: The excitement level around here is comparable as to when a human is in labor! Joe is already madly in love with Henry/Jack/Beau/Baron, whatever little Green collar male's name is. Mom suggested Henry, being a King's name, and initially we scoffed it then we looked it up in a baby name book, it's German, means 'ruler of the house' how appropriate, ha! We're already arguing as to whose side of the bed he'll be sleeping next to! . . .


You mentioned something in this email about 3 choices in pups. [At your house] on Sunday, while green collar and the other 2 were inside, and we were outside with the video camera, there was another pup with Cilla, who caught my eye. I didn't look for a collar at the time. It's coloring was very vivid, with much lighter paws and facial markings than the others, and looks like the colored patches on it's little head by the tops of the ears are red. I have no idea why we didn't notice him before. I love his coloring! I would pick him as a second choice. Joe liked him too, but it was green collar who kept coming over to us, repeatedly, during out first meeting on friday. Joe said that, we drove ALL the way over there to see which one “stood out in the crowd,” and it was obviously green collar. He had given us kisses repeatedly! Back and forth between us and Cilla, giving kisses. Every time a pup would approach us like that, we'd check the collar, it was this little fella most of the time. That's why we picked him!! So, he's our number 1 choice. If we had to pick strictly by appearance, it would be the more vividly colored one with the red head, so he'll be our number 2 choice. I really wonder why we didn't notice him earlier, I wish we'd checked him out better!!!


Found a swimming pool yesterday, like what you have. Most of the stores are out of them, so we were lucky to find it. It's probably a size bigger than yours, too big for him for now, so when we introduce him to water, there would only be an inch in there, and we'd be in there with him.


Anyway . . . please tell me a little more about that other pup. It's a boy, right? ~ Kris & Joe (Illinois, USA)


08/10/09: This little pup is doing very well! The car ride home was very peaceful, no vomiting or anything. 01He tinkled once, on the potty pad, yay! Slept most of the way. When we got home, he ate his dinner in the crate in the kitchen, and we played in it, then played in the crate in the bedroom, which is next to my bed. Come bedtime, he went in there just fine, and as soon as the lights went out, started crying. Joe and I have been married too long, we simultaneously started singing "Rock a bye Henry, on the treetop..." By the time we were halfway through the second rendition, he quieted down and went to sleep! He's been waking up every 2 1/2 - 3 hours at night to potty, then right back to sleep. So far, we've had only 1 puddle and 1 pile accident in the house.


I've already observed him doing some problem solving. Saturday was so hot, he just wanted to be in the house, laying on the AC vent, of course. He had gone tinkle, then straight to the door, didn't realize the door was closed, and banged his little nose! He sat there and looked at it a minute, then looked over at me, then pawed the door! I haven't jumped up to open a door so quickly in a long time! Wow! Good boy!!

He had another incident with the steps, trying to climb back up onto the deck, and had to sit and think about the best way to attack it. Figured it out in no time flat. We've got a smart puppy here!!

He's loving the kitties, but not quite sure why they won't play with him, like his bros and sis'. Bella, the youngest, is slowly warming up to him, and I suspect they'll be fast friends very soon.


02We took him to Petco on Saturday, I carried him in the baby sling, cuz I don't want his paws on the floor where other doggie's paws have been until he's got all his vaccinations. He absolutely loves that sling, and slept the whole time, well, while he could, when people weren't oohing over him! The groomer saw us come in, and she came running out, so excited, had to see him. Well, most folks do that!


We just got back from visiting Joe at work, of course he was a huge hit there too. It was rather comical, wish I'd had my video camera going. The little receptionist saw us coming, and yelled out, "the puppy's here!" There's a narrow hallway with rooms coming off of it, and here came a bunch of cops all at the same time, rushing out of their offices, crashing into each other! Joe's office mate actually knocked another gal out of the way so she could reach Henry first...I was worried there'd be a fight...but they all managed to behave themselves. Henry was thrilled, and turned up his cuteness a notch or 2.


We went to the vet this morning, and he checked out beautifully. They scanned his chip so they have record of it too . . . he goes back in for more shots on Sept 10.


All in all, he seems to be very happy and self confident. I think he likes us plenty enough, me in particular :) And of course, all who see him, love him! Well, the verdict is still out for the kitties. I've been rubbing catnip on him, they seem to like him a little better when he smells good. Catnip cologne for doggies. Good idea, huh? ~ Kris


08/13/09: Thought you'd like to see some pics of Henry. We're all adjusting beautifully. He seems to be happy, and is so very smart! We adore this little fella! How are the other pups and Cilla doing? How many have gone to their new homes? ~ Kris




08/26/09: Wow, I'm surprised the [white collar female] is still available. Wish I had the money, I'd come pick her up!! She's such a cutie, and so darned sweet, if for some weird reason you decide to give her away, I'd gladly take her!, ha, rat's chance!

Henry is doing great. Today, he's really ringing the potty bell and going out to pee and poop, did it twice, all on his own, didn't even get the chance to walk out to the yard with him!

Took him in yesterday for a fecal recheck . . . Weighs 17.9 lbs, before dinner. He loves the kitties, and Bella will love him back. They play, well, kinda. She hisses and pretends to swat at him, she just doesn't want him to put those fangs on her! He adores the kitties.


He plays with other doggies every day, and we try to find new humans every day, too. Even the mail lady will pause at our house every time we can catch each other, so she can give him a treat . . .


Megan (my dog trainer daughter) came last weekend . . . She's very impressed with this little fella. Awesome bite inhibition. Awesome sensitivity already to others in play settings! She worked with him a little and was amazed when I told her I already had trained him to sit (took 2 minutes), and 2 more minutes to teach him the hand sign for sit. Don't have to tell him anymore, just 'sign' it, and down that little fuzzbutt goes!! He does come and down, get it, bring it, drop. Not always consistently, but more often than not. You can be proud, Amy. Megan has worked with hundreds of dogs, and she can't think of any that were smarter than Henry at this age, or at about any age!!!


. . . And yeah, I know it's laughable, but thought I'd put it out there anyway, about WCF. I've got no money to purchase, but if you wanted/needed to let her go, well, I'd take her in a heartbeat. Just thought I'd put that out there. ~ Kris


10/15/09: Well, little Sir Fang Von Poopsalot sure is a crazy little fella. He graduates from kindergarten on Saturday, top of the class, naturally. We have a helluva time going to Petco, we spend at least 30 minutes just playing with the managers, groomers, customers, even people outside on the sidewalk. Can't take this mutt anywhere without having crowds form. Even a casual walk around the block usually turns into a party.


He's really starting to look like his mama. And, the hair on top of his little pea brained head is mighty red, like his auntie!


I say pea brained as an affectionate term, this kid is soooo smart. The trainer thought he caught on to new commands so quickly cuz of my daughter dog trainer. I told this gal that Megan only saw Henry the first weekend he was here, it's just been us working with him. She was amazed. I told her to test him , show him something new, see how quickly he catches on. Takes this kid seconds, usually! First official thing taught was sit, right when we first got him. Took about 45 seconds. Then I showed him the hand command, he got it right away. Does it consistently (especially if u have a cookie in your hand). By the way, his favorite word?1b Cookie, of course! That means any kind of treat.


He fetches sticks and balls beautifully too. Now we're working on catching the balls that are tossed to him. He's got the idea, just working on the skill. He's still a bit of a klutz.


Joe keeps thanking me for finding you, dragging him over there, and getting this lil' monster. Yeah, we like him. But just a little bit. ;) I think he likes us, too. By the way, he watches the videos I took while at your place. With rapt attention. When you speak, he really looks, and his tail wags. He remembers his mama, siblings, and you. It makes him happy to watch those videos!


Here's a pic of the little guy. Ain't he sweet? Do you have any pics of his littermates? Joe's wondering how they look too. ~ Kris


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