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This St. Bernard is a dog we rescued and thought we could rehome, but he had issues that made him unadoptable. Cosmo lived us until 5/05, when at the age of nine he was put to sleep because of painful bone cancer. This dog did learn to love Amy, so it saddened her greatly to have to put Cosmo down.




Jackie (owner) with her “Happy” when he was 28. This boy truly brought happiness to many, and Jackie said he was her therapy. “Happy” has sadly moved on to greener pastures but he will never be forgotten.




It's time for me to say Goodbye

The tears have gone but I still want to cry

We lost our boy at the age of 10

But every day we want him back again

He lived all his life as if he was one

And Clyde made sure every day was Fun

Clyde was the Joker in our pack

And every day that passes we want him back

Clyde was crazy & dizzy in a loving way

And needed affection in buckets every day

He made us laugh and he gave pure joy

I just can't believe we've lost our Boy


Brenda & Ian Harnett moving on but feeling the pain of losing a son. (06/5/09)


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