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(12/06) I guess we all lost a very special part of our lives today. After [the vet] got your final answer (we both agreed), he called me back. I asked him to wait just a little bit until I could get Jenny over to say good-bye. I pulled Jenny out of school and we rushed over to the barn. He looked awful, but I guess thejet 1 pain meds made him feel better than he looked.


“ Jenny wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his muzzle and cried. I swear to God, he was also hugging her with his big head . . . his nose buried in her hair. She brushed him one last time and then Doc gave her a braided section of his tail to remember him by. I thanked him for all he had done for my girls, and wished him well on his journey, planted a big kiss on his head and said good-bye. We left as Doc was preparing the shot.

“Amy, thank you for sharing him with me and my girls. He was absolutely marvelous. He received as much love as he gave out. I know he was a special part of your life too. I guess we will always share that! ~ Carolyn


Carolyn and Jenny, I am crying reading your e-mail and I so very much appreciate your family giving him the love and attention he so deserved. Your Jenny is the best thing I could have dreamed for him to have in his life. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive to let him go at first as I always just wanted to protect the old boy but after visiting with him at [the riding stable] I knew he was where he needed to be. In the end, he was Jenny’s horse and Jenny was his friend. This horse has given to so many people in his time with us. He is in a good place as he has done so much good in his life, and to think his past owner just left him, what a fool . . . Doc explained everything to me, and I just told him I trusted his judgment and wanted to know his thoughts. He told me it was Jet's time to go, so I left that in his hands as he is a good vet and I didn't want to let Jet suffer and it didn't sound like there was any hope to getting him to come back around so I didn't see there was a choice. I feel so badly for Jenny as I know how much she loved him and your girls, Carolyn, have showed me something I see many are lacking today: love, respect and a understanding of so much more. They are angels. Thank Jenny for me, please, as I know he loved her like no other. She gave to him more than he gave to her, I can assure her of that. I am so very sorry for her loss. I know her heart aches today, for her dear . . . . great, incredible friend is now gone. ~ Amy (AAKS)


01/07: I must tell you about Jenny. Two Fridays ago, she was the “Super Student” in class which meant that she was the only one who could have Show and Tell time. She put Jet’s tail in a decorative container, gathered pictures and poems and cards from people and wanted to share with her class who this “Jet” fellow was . . . She worked hard on the description and background info, even gathering pictures to present. Her show & tell was about her horse that just passed last month and it was extremely hard for her to bring herself to talk about it much. She finally thought she was ready to share her story . . . The class listened to her story, she passed around pictures and let the students feel but not hold his braided tail. They asked a multitude of questions and she answered them all. At the end of the day, her teacher told her that that had been one of the best thought-out Show and Tells brought to class. She did it and she was proud of it. I was a little apprehensive when she asked if she could show his tail. I thought she would break down and cry in front of the class and really get embarrassed, but she said she could do it. What a girl!


You should see her atop [her riding instructor’s] . . . big black gelding of grand stature. [The instructor] told me that in the year that she had Jet, she really learned a lot. She is completely different with a horse and lessons. She absorbs everything, wanting more. She looks so classy up on [the black gelding’s] back. Her hands quiet. And to think, Jet had a hand in her learning. Thank you, Jet! ~ Carolyn


02/07: Jenny fell in love with “Nicki” who is a 9 year old mare, registered Spotted Saddle Horse and nickyregistered Racking Horse. Just a sweet attitude . . .Thank you again for making this all possible. If it weren’t for Jet, we would never have known if Jenny was serious about her horse endeavor or if it was just a passing phase. She is now able to show love to another horse in her way. It took some time, but she was definitely ready for a new challenge. ~ Carolyn


03/07: I found a page from Jenny's school work dated March 13, 2007 . . . It is a picture of a Genie's lamp and on it it says: “THREE WISHES: Once upon a time, a tree fairy granted me three wishes. I thought and thought! What could I wish. I finally decided. Here is what I wished — “I wish I could go to Heaven and see if Jet likes Rainbow Bridge. I also wish I could ride him one more time. And I wish that I could see what Jet looked like as a colt!


On vacation, she took her coloring book of horses. 2 horses facing each other, one slightly over the other. The top horse, she colored as Jet, complete with the halter she so cherished on him. (She still doesn't understand why his halter had to be buried with him.) The one below, she colored as her new horse, Niki, complete with her new designer halter. She said it was just like in her dream, Jet was showing Niki who he was and told her to take care of Jenny. Ah Ha! I asked her about him . . . so he did come to you in your dreams? Yes, but he was a bit younger and so full of fire, she said. He showed her he was all right, that he was well again and happy . . . 3 1/2 months after Jet passed, 1 month after getting a new horse she still pines for him. ~ Carolyn


06/07: We just returned from a 2 day 4th grade trip to Mackinaw Island. I was a chaperone. Jenny knowsgonefromearth every horse there by name now! While all the other kids were out buying crap with their money, Jenny bought a beautiful cedar box with a picture of a couple of horses enjoying an afternoon snack in the grass. I must say it was very nice looking. When she got home, she put Jet’s tail in it and locked the little padlock. She wrote a poem in school today, the last day, during computer class. I copied it and pasted it over a background of our favorite picture. ~ Carolyn


jenny107/05/08: Remember Jenny??? After she lost Jet and Niki, she never thought she'd ride again. One of the girls out of our barn . . . owns 2 Arabs. She knew how well Jenny took care of her horses, so jenny2she allowed Jenny to use her little 7 year old mare to train for Endurance/Competitive Trail, but first she had to get the horse in shape. After months of training, Jenny, with Jessica as her sponsor, took 1st place in the Jr. Division of her first race at Hopkins Creek this last weekend. She scored 377 out of 400 which is the exact same score that the 1st place Heavy Weight Division winner had. Jessica is still the reining Lightweight Champ. Jessica has now decided to take Jenny to another race that I believe is in September. How wonderful!! We are all so proud of her. By the time we left the grounds, everyone knew her name and congratulated her on her accomplishments. Even the vets were giving her special treatment....telling her how well she took care of her horse. And to think, you started her on her way........Thank you again. We will forever be grateful to you . . . ~ Carolyn


AAKS Note: We have to smile when Carolyn asks "remember Jenny?" because we remember her often around the barn. We prefer to give credit to Jet for starting Jenny out on this most wonderful of activities, horsemanship. Good luck, Jenny; congratulations and keep us posted.


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