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Marge Marge's original “family” had cold-heartedly moved and left her chained to her dog house, to die a slow death. Local animal control found her chained there, very thin, without food or water for a long time. For six weeks, Beautiful MargeAnimal Control had stop back where she was chained to supply her with food and water while waiting for a court order allowing her to be moved. They took her to a Sanilac County kill shelter, where Marge was then scheduled to be euthanized. A rescue organization dealing with another issue took her in to find her a home. They discovered she had heartworm and that she was dog aggressive. After her heartworm treatment, the rescue team contacted AAKS to foster her. Marge stayed with us for 16 months until she found a loving home with Ron and Alix.


In 2007, Marge began to develop internal problems caused by the months of starvation and heartworm she suffered. In early October, she developed a painful gastric problem due to the medications she was taking to prolong her life. It broke Ron and Alix's heart to see her life come to an end so soon after becoming part of their lives. "We loved Marge so much," they write. "She was such a gift and we will never forget her sweetness and her eyes and the warmth of her fur. [The] last week, she had started talking to us when she wanted something (like her treats) and it was incredible as she had never done so. Every extra day we had with her was a gift." We, too, send our love to Marge as she crosses the Rainbow Bridge, where we hope to see that wonderful dog again. ~ AAKS


10/04/07: Last night, Ron [asked me to] come up with . . . good memories of Marge. I wanted to share them with you: 1. The way she cocked her head and looked at me so intently when I had treats to give her, and if I still waited, she tilted her head the other way, still looking at me. 2. The way, when she could still get up and walk, she would take all her toys out of her toy box and lay them out when guests came over, even the toys she never played with. 3. The way she used to jump so high when we played 4. Kissing her snout, and rubbing her ears. 5. How she loved her belly rubbed 6. How she decided to come upstairs, after several months of being terrified of the stairs, so she could sleep in our bedroom, and the sound of her coming up the stairs. 7. How she talked to us the last week, which she had never done before. I loved hearing her expressive bark that would say: "give me those treats," or "I don't want to go to the bathroom now" or "come back here". There is such an emptiness now but each day I will add something to that list so that I can fill the void with the good thoughts of Marge. ~ Alix


10/08/07: I can't tell you how much our hearts were broken that night. Marge was in so much pain and I had so desperately wanted her last memories to be happy. I hope she felt loved until the very end. I kissed her head and blew warmth on her head as she died. I hope this is what she remembered. I think for us it was easier as we would have not had peace with ourselves had we put her down when she was bright and alert. But for her, I don't know. But Ron is making me remember the good things and not that night, so here are funny memories of Marge: when we first got her from you, I think it was the 4th of July week-end, she pooped in Ron's shoe! And I remember the time I injured my lower back and could barely move around and when I took her for a walk she was so careful, going slowly and not pulling at all. I will also never forget the night we had a big snow storm and around 11:30 Marge and I went out for a walk. No one was out and Marge was so happy in the snow, her tail up high, sniffing the air and licking the snow. Thank you for sharing our love for Marge. ~ Alix



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