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Wild Fawn


This is our son at the age of eleven. He and his friend found this baby fawn while camping. Our son learned a very hard, sad lesson that day, as the fawn didn’t make it. If you come across a baby deer, it is almost always best to leave it alone. This is what momma deer do; they leave their young in the day for protection and come back to feed them at night.




Ruby's owner, Janet, got her 12 years ago. When Janet talked to her brother, who was then dying of cancer, about her new puppy, it always lifted his spirits.


Ruby was an active dog, taking giant leaps into the air after dragonflies, and she'd decided early in life she was Janet's body guard, and would come running to her rescue even if it was a scream over a spider. But after 13 years, suffering from hip problems that made every step she took a hard one, Ruby no longer could be active. Janet knew Ruby was in misery, so the very difficult decision was made.


“She will always be my bodyguard,” Janet wrote. “May she rest in peace, while playing with my brother, till we meet again.” (11/01/09)




11/23/09: “. . . my beloved 18 year old Yorkie named Sasha was put to rest today,” Rose wrote. “It is never easy to let go of such a beloved member of the family but her health had deteriorated in less than a week.


“She had lost her vision entirely and all sense of direction as her hearing was also lost completely . . . She passed quietly, and surrounded by her masters Larry and Rose.


“I will dearly miss her as she was my constant companion and faithful friend during my husband's extensive travel, but we know she is in a better place . . . ”


Sasha is pictured above with Lord Zorro







This mare was a rescue we picked up and helped for a while for Horses’ Haven (Howell, MI). She obviously was starved and should have been all white. The dark you see is frost bite. When we went to get her, she had on a wet and frozen blanket. When the blanket was thawed and lifted from her back, it took some of her skin with it. Sheba eventually died of liver failure due to damage from the starvation episode.






JD was a 24 year horse whose owner was going to euthanize if JD didn't “find a home”. He was over at the knee with bowed tendons and had many health issues that took more than a year to resolve. We found him a wonderful home not far from Amy's Acres. On the last day of 2009, JD had to be euthanized. His owner wrote: 02/11/10: “[The veterinarian] came out that day. It was a horribly difficult decision but we couldn't watch him suffer any longer. My daughter still tears up when you mention his name but I think deep down inside she understands. He was a great teacher and best friend for her and he will always be remembered. We buried him right on our property out by the woods so my daughter can always go out there if she needs to. Thank you for letting us adopt him. ~ Deidre”


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